Bagged and Bulk Compost, Composted Loam, Sand/Compost Mix, Gravel Fill, Horse Hay, Horse Manure Removal, Construction Hay

Bob and Meg Moschini have run Royal Crest Farm since 1975, delivering quality milk and dairy products.

Today, Bob, Meg and their son, Anthony, operate a diverse agricultural enterprise that is one of central Massachusetts' largest suppliers of  compost and other material to home gardeners and landscape contractors.

Royal Crest Farm is located on Howe Road, south of Spencer Center, in the shadow of Spencer State Forest.


From  Spencer center, Turn South onto Rte 31 for 1 3/4 miles.  Turn right onto How Road. Follow Howe Road for .6 miles. Our farm is on your right.


For Homeowners and Gardens

and Services

We deliver to your site. Check for details.


Bulk or bagged; made from goat manure, cow manure, hay and pine shavings.

Composted Loam Mix:

A blend of loam compost and 10% sand that works excellent for new lawns, starting flower beds or filling low areas in lawns.

Sand/Compost Mix:

A 60:40 blend of compost and sand  that has similar uses as our loam mix but is mostly weed free. Works well for top dressing existing lawns as a fertilizer.

Horse Manure Removal:

We can take horse manure from your horse farm and haul it safely away to our certified composting site.

Horse hay:

Quality hay guaranteed dust free or we will replace it. We sell hay in small bales that average 40 lbs, and we also have Big Square Bales that are 3'x3'x8' and weigh approx. 700 lbs.

The Big Square Bales flake off or pull apart like a small square bale but have the convenience of being moved like the old round bales.

Construction hay:

Construction hay: Great for silt fences, lining foundations to help keep from freezing, or even making shooting targets.


A sandy bank fill that works  for backfilling around foundations or filling in trenches around pipes, but without the extra expense of screening.

In 2006, we added a 110-foot open-sided pole barn in which we mix and cure composted materials to better meet the growing demand for our high-quality compost in bags or in bulk.

Contact Royal Crest Farm today for pricing and availability.

Phone: 508-885-2064
Fax: 508-885-4174


Royal Crest Farm Compost is produced on our dairy farm in Spencer.

Our product is environmentally friendly, free of harmful chemical residues and will help to provide beautiful flower gardens, abundant vegetables and healthy lawns.

We blend hay and shavings with goat and cow manure in long windrows and "cook" it for at least three months at a temperature of 130-150 degrees.  Most weed seeds do not survive this process. When the process is complete, the compost is screened to 3/8 inch particles.

Use Royal Crest Compost to amend all types of soils. Plantings will establish better root systems, be more tolerant to drought and get the nutrients they need for healthy growth and disease resistance.

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